Chef Bill

My adventures have led me to where I am today. My company, Chef Bill Presents, specializes in Drunken Jam making. What, do you ask, is a Drunken Jam? Well to make it simple I take a cocktail and change it into a jam, jelly or marmalade. Currently we have 14 different flavours of Drunken Jams, and Chef Bill Presents has a line of Beer Jellies! Great for BBQ ribs! 

Now my partner Sarah has launched her products as well. Sarah's Local Kitchen uses locally harvested fruits vegetables and flowers to make jams, jellies and preserves. Currently Sarah's Local Kitchen is featuring Dandelion Jelly, clover flower jelly and Lilac Jelly with more exciting things to come.

2020 Events

Events to get Drunken Jams

February 15, 2020 Deep river Skating Club Deep river Arena

February 29 2020 Butter Tart and Mac & Cheese Festival Ancaster, Ontario

March 13 to March 22 2020 National Home Show Toronto 

March 26 to March 29 2020 Spring Cottage Life Show Toronto